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Message To U.S. Military


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If this is your first reading
of this page, ignore the links
 Here's why:

Welcome to
Adventures Into Fifth Dimension Consciousness


You desperately need a team of advisors
who are NOT stuck in
third dimension consciousness
and whose  minds are NOT filled with
self-interest and 
Sheyitt Consciousness.

If you think you already know all you need to know about
how to defeat an enemy,
you are kidding yourselves.
You cannot win a
Fifth-Dimension War of Consciousness
with only your obsolete, third-dimension consciousness.

Please become aware that: reality has two sides,
one physical     and     one non-physical.

Non-physical consciousness is  NOT  Magic. 
It's NOT a child's fairytale.   There's  NO  Woo-Woo.   
It's  NOT  Crazy.     
It Is Pure Physics,
much of which most humans do not yet understand.

Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
(i.e. The Universe)    (i.e. Cosmic Evolution)
has changed the
context of Earth from
third dimension   to   Fifth Dimension.
In the Fifth Dimension, life begins in
the non-physical side of reality
and is followed by inspired physical action
that results in what appears to be physical form.

The Lizzerdz and the Cabal agents are using
non-physical weapons against you
and you don't even know it.
Cabal agents walk freely among you
because you do not yet know
how to see / perceive / recognize their true nature.
Let us show you how to identify and eliminate
the Cabal agents hiding among you.

If you'd like to be triumphant against any adversary
including AI, the Lizzerdz, and their Cabal minions,
you need to apply the rules of non-physical
side of reality to your weapons of war.
Both violence and lies are no match for
one who understands how the universe actually functions.

We are Fifth Dimension Warriors of Consciousness.
We are part of
We-The-People's Advisory Council.
Our main points of focus are
*   The Physics of Consciousness,
*   The Rules of Reality,
*   The Principles of Universal Spirituality,
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.
*   Would you like to know what a human being really is?

We can guide you on how to
our non-physical consciousness
your physical forms.
Let us show you how to do it.
Together we are an unbeatable team.

Don't believe us.   Make us prove ourselves.
I/We challenge you, President Trump and
the entire U.S. military to prove us wrong
on this or any other major topic on any of
the TLC-Life Center's  seven web sites.

Are you aware that there is a vast amount of
new  information that you probably  don't  yet know.
And there are numerous combinations
of information that almost nobody yet knows.

The Death of Money is an excellent example of this.

If you learn nothing else from this website,

you need to learn The Truth About Money.

As another example,
Top-down, vertical hierarchy of control
is being gently replaced by lateral control,
in which small groups of people work as teams.
They cooperate with other small groups and
network into a large mutually-supporting system.
In this system, the people own their own creations.

They are NOT wage slaves working for
the benefit of someone or something else.

In the new system, cooperation and mutual support replace
control by threat of violence or by actual violence
against those who fail to follow orders.

Local-Community-Owned Organic Gardens Systems
by,  of,  and  for   We-The-People
is a clear example of this.

Your job, your challenge is to add a Department of Creation
to your massive arsenals of destruction.
Completing and resolving
The Ultimate Worthy Cause
is a clear and urgent example of this.

If you really want to be of service,
liberate the Internet. Get rid of the criminals
and We the
Warriors of Consciousness will
will educate millions of people.  Our collective,

5D. Consciousness will end the Cabal reign of terror.

And one other thing.  
Tell Trump to get his ass out of hiding
and start leading the people in the creation of our new

Service to all Social Structure.
You'd be wise to read our message to President Trump.

Thank you.   We await your reply.
Blessings Be Llove.     (love)

Robert Cote'  aka  Aum   FahZoom


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