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Welcome to
Adventures Into Fifth Dimension Consciousness

TO:       Joel Osteen
FROM:  Robert Cote' 
RE:       Your Role in The Evolution of Christianity 


Rev. Osteen,
I'm about to show you how you can be
a major player in bringing Christian Theology
out of centuries of deceptions, illusions, and hidden lies, 
and into the Light of The Truths that will set us free. 

We have discovered and we now
expose and demonstrate for you
the most profound changes in Christian Consciousness
since Martin Luther sparked The Reformation in 1517.

We call this an evolution
from  Deception  to  Conscious Christianity.
We prove that the Christian Bible,
via the Teachings of Jesus,
Universal Spirituality, and
The Physics of Consciousness
are all based on the same Universal Truths.

For example, Current Christian theology falsely teaches
that humans are separate from God, while
three times in the Christian Bible, Jesus tells us 
that humans  are  gods. 

Please examine the evidence for yourself.

We request that you share the teachings of Jesus
with your congregation.   
In doing so, you will be offering 
one of the greatest services ever provided.


Literally, billions of our fellow humans will be

lifted out of the hell of Sheyitt-Consciousness,
and into Llove and into a remembering of
what and who humans actually are
and into Heaven on Earth.
Thank You.  
Blessings be Llove.    (love)

Robert Cote' 
First Minister  of Conscious Christianity

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