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Full Moon Monthly Celebrations of Life & Llove


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If this is your first reading
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 Here's why:

Welcome to
Adventures Into Fifth Dimension Consciousness

We Are Creating Exactly What the World Needs Today:
A New and Enlightened Perspective on Everything.

We are creating monthly Full Moon experiences
are celebrations of Life and Llove

    They fulfill four major tasks 
      all at the same time:
*1   They provide a much-needed
       collective voice for We-The-People.

*2   They are at the core of We-The-People's 
       Fifth Dimension Education System.

*3   They are the world's best entertainment system.

*4   They are gatherings to honor respect, appreciate
     and express our gratitude to 
     Think of these physical and virtual  gatherings
     as a Fifth-Dimension version of
     a third-dimension worship service.
     We do not worship, rather,
     we honor, respect, appreciate and 
     express our gratitude.
     *   B
ecause we realize that  
          all God-created humans are
     *   Because we are inside of and
          an intimate part of
     *   Because
All Earth-Humans are equal.

*   Everything we create belongs 100% to We-The-People.
*   Everything is free.

Join us each month at the time of the Full Moon.
Learn more at:   
Love-Day celebrations

__    __   __   __   __

Watch this video
It's contains an overview of

the Physics of Consciousness

Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati & Dr. Bruce Lipton

*   Beginning at 6:15 to 12:50, Dr, Lipton describes
     the non-physical world of consciousness.

*   From Minute 40:00 to 47:57, Dr Lipton describes
     his awakening into the non-physical world of
     Universal Spirituality.

*****   Here's the answer to our prayers 
     From minute 57;40 to minute 105:30,
     listen to Dr. Bruce Lipton explain
     The Physics of Collective Consciousness. 
     This is exactly what we are promoting in our

     Monthly Full Moon Celebrations of Life and Love.
__    __   __   __   __

Instead of struggling, we play, learn, and create 
from the context of Fifth Dimension Consciousness

We will have many team players.

Here are some of the people that
we have invited to join us in our celebrations.

*   Harry Jarvis ~ Piano and Male Co Host

*   Josh Logan ~ Singer and Male Co-Host

*   Allison Volk      ~ Actress ~ Self-Aware ~ Female Co-Host

*   Julianna Hough ~ Actress ~ Dancer ~ Female Co-Host


*   Larry Gatlin ~ Singer Musician ~ Larry can teach us
                                                        how to have fun

*   Joel Osteen   First Public Presenter of Conscious Christianity

*   David Foster ~ Program Director
*   Robert Cote' ~ Program Creator ~ Producer

*   More  Education and / or Entertainment

    Alice Fedenham

     K.D. Lang
     Ryce Cote'



If you have not yet been officially invited
to participate in the Full Moon Celebrations of Life & Llove,
contact us and let us know
what you have to offer to We-The-People

Get together with the few other people and
create something that is
educational and entertaining and present it to 
those who are open minded enough to listen.


Do you have a project or something
that you have very passionate about and
would like other people to know about it,
and/or to work with you?

If so, create a brief description
and we'll post it on the

Notices/Requests Section
of our Family of Websites.

We are also creating a

Looking For LLove section
of our Family of Websites.
In Fifth Dimension,  we don't actually look for Llove,
we work/play inside of ourselves and
become the perfect match for the Llover we want.
We turn ourselves into  a magnet for like vibrations
and the First Universal Law of Llove brings him or her to us.
See:  our page
Looking for Llove


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