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Welcome to
Adventures Into Fifth Dimension Consciousness

RE:         The Grand Solution to Fructose
FROM:   Robert Cote'
TO:        Dr. Robert Lustig

Source/Creator/God-Goddess has provided the solution to
several major problems/challenges    all in one, grand package.
Your work is a major piece of that package.

Together, with each of us focusing on
our special gifts from Source/Creator/God-Goddess,
we invite you to work/play with us, or simply be an advisor to the:

Organic-Community-Owned Gardens System
by,  of,  and  for   We-The-People.


Our commitment is to provide a system that will
*   Feed millions of people three healthy meals a day for a lifetime,
*   Provide well-paying jobs for millions of people,
*   Replace the poison-filled foods we are presently eating,
*   Provide a social network for people to connect with each other.


We are building a completely new food production system.

Soon, we will be joined by thousands of people
who are inspired to be of some form of service to their fellow humans.

We already have all the pieces.
All we have to do is put them together.
You and your excellent work are a major player.

Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Tai Lopez, Foster Gamble
Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Steven Gundry, Chris Duncan
Gregg Braden, Simon Parkes, Clayton and Christine Thomas,

and many more talented and gifted people

will soon be active on our team.
We are the beginning members of the
We-The-People Advisory Council.

Thank you,
Blessings Be Llove.   (love)

Rev. Robert Cote'

Because you are an expert in your field of focus,
I know that if you think you already know
all you need to know you are kidding yourself. 
Because there is a vast amount of
new information that you probably don't  yet know.
and there are numerous combinations
of information that almost nobody yet knows.

The Death of Money is an excellent example of this.


Dr. Robert Lustig, UCSF School of Medicine
Institute for Responsible Nutrition
Film    Fat Chance Fructose 2.0     
        University of Calif. Television
Book   Fat Chance


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