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If this is your first reading
of this page, ignore the links
 Here's why:

Welcome to
Adventures Into
Fifth Dimension Consciousness

Let's check our believability, both yours and mine.

Am I believable?   Are you believable?

Before we begin discussing the profound changes
coming to humanity and to planet Earth,
we need to check our believability, not only my believability, 
but also your believability. Can you believe yourself?

Do NOT believe any of what is written on our websites
until you have examined our evidence 
to the level of your own satisfaction.
Do not disbelieve us, either.
Base your assessment on the evidence.

If you don't believe
what is written on our websites,
it's because you do not yet understand
The Physics of Consciousness.
You do not yet understand
The Rules of Reality,
and you do not yet understand
The Evolution of the Universe.

You will continue to remain ignorant,
uninformed, and a believer in lies
until you  examine the evidence.
Remember, staying stupid is a choice.!

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Let's check our believability.   I'll go first.  
Am I believable?
I've spent the last 32 years doing
intense, dedicated study and research

and sharing with the world what I found.

Before that, I spent 25 years

as a student of Self Awareness. 

I have a total of 57 years of experience 

in my field of choice, 

Fifth Dimension Consciousness.


This enables me to be as I am and

do the work that I do today.

I am a master of Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

Here's a page about who and what I am.

Examine some of my websites and web pages:

*   Self-Awareness

*   Fifth Dimension Consciousness

*   The Physics of Consciousness

*   The Rules of Reality

*   The Consciousness of Llove

*   Conscious Christianity 

*   Sexual Sensuality   

*   CLICs    (Caring and Lloving Intimacy Connections)

*   The Art Of Deception

*   The Cabal Criminals

*   Worship of The Great God Money

*   Their Secret Control System     and their

*   Fraudulent Banking and Money Scam


I have five immense websites

describing what I have found.

An evil, con artist would
   never create so many expressions of truth and light
   and then offer them free on the Internet.

*  I never hide my work behind a wall of money.

*. Everything is offered on a donation basis.

*  Nobody is ever turned away

    for lack of money to buy my services.

*  I have had opportunities to dedicate myself to making money.

    Instead, I chose to follow the path of seeking self-awareness.

    After  57 years following my self-chosen path,
    I consider myself, if not a master of my craft,
    I am an excellent imitation of one who is.

Now About My Lifestyle:
*   For many years, I have been advised

     by my inner guidance,
     to "stay under the radar", until it's time
     to expose my work to the world.
*   I drive a 25-year-old car.
*   I sleep on a couch in the home of my wife's cousin.
*   All that is about to change.
*   I am blessed in ways that money can never buy.

Now, it's your turn.

Are you believable?

If you are still a sleep-walking-slave,

the answer is:     
YOU are NOT believable.
Why not?

When you were a young child,

the Cabal criminals overpowered your belief system

with lies, illusions, and false beliefs.

If you have not yet intentionally and thoroughly
examined your own beliefs,
you are still a mind-controlled slave.

No matter how rich or successful you are,

if you have not examined your beliefs,

you are still a mind-controlled slave.

As part of your secret, mind-manipulation,
you have been hypnotized to completely ignore
anything that threatens the false belief system.

False  programs have been installed in your subconscious mind
by the evil ones who secretly control you
and most of the rest of humanity.
If you think you are free, you are lying to yourself.

Do you dare to take The Freedom / Slavery Test?

*   Have you ever examined your beliefs?
*   Why do you believe whatever it is that you believe?
*   Have you ever been wrong?
*   While you were being wrong,
     did you know you were being wrong?
*   How about right now?
     Could you be wrong about something, right now?

For example:

Do you believe that you are separate from God?

So, to Bottom-Line This:
Are you going to believe
your own untested, unexamined,

Cabal-installed, ~ beliefs and opinions,

opinions of a mind-controlled, unconscious slave?

are you open-minded enough to examine
the scientifically-proven evidence
*   By a Professional  Researcher and Author,
*   By a teacher and experienced  Guide for 
     Adventures into Fifth-Dimension-Consciousness
     with  57 years of training and experience?

If this is a tough choice,
As of today, you are hereby informed that
"Ignorance Is a Choice."

Test Your Believability

Before you read or ignore this page,
or anything else on any of the TLC-Life-Center's websites,
I / We challenge/ encourage/ request that you  take

The Freedom / Slavery Test.

Are you free or are you a mind-controlled slave?
It matters not, what results you find by taking the test.  
Why?   Because taking the test automatically
opens the door to your freedom. 
If you are free, you are free.
If you are a slave,  the door to freedom
will stand wide open in front of you.

You then get to choose .
Choice One:
*   Stay a mind-controlled slave.

     Continue to live in an Invisible Prison 

     controlled and managed by 

     the cartels and families of the

     Cabal Banking Criminals.

*   You can ignore the door and
     let your mind continue to

     eat their Sheyitt Consciousness.

*   You can walk through the open door
     into your own freedom. 


How Do You Step into Freedom?
You step into the freedom by learning the truth.  
Remember the words of Jesus, 
"Know the truth and the truth will set you free."
And, speaking of Jesus, do you recall these words?  
"Greater works than these, you shall do and more."
Paraphrased as,  "Anything I can do, you can do and more".

And, are you aware that
three times in the Christian Bible,
Jesus tells us,   

"We Are Gods?"
Are you a God?
Was Jesus lying to us?
Perhaps you are not yet aware of
The Physics of Consciousness,       

The Principles of Universal Spirituality,

The Rules of Reality.


Conscious Christianity

Those of you who claimed to be Christians,
why are you ignoring the teachings of your Master Teacher?  
You curse yourself with your own ignorance.

With today's level of technology and
with today's vast amounts of
verifiable information,
Ignorance Is a Choice.

Even if you are not connected to
the energy of Christ Consciousness,
you've still been mind-manipulated.

We encourage you,
   we challenge you,
        we even beg you to apply due diligence
             to the task of proving us wrong.  

Because it's an impossible task.
In attempting to prove us wrong,
you will prove us right.

*   Jesus, in the Christian Bible,
*   The Physics of Consciousness, and
*   The Rules of Universal Spirituality,
     all three are telling us the same truth.



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