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Truth, Liberty, Sovereignty,
Abundance for ALL

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 Here's why:

Welcome to
Adventures Into
Fifth Dimension Consciousness


We are about to take you into
the extremely  powerful
and  the completely ignored
aspects of Human-Earth-Life
We are referring to humanity's  innate,
deep, powerful, biological compulsion to
to copulate with humans of the opposite gender.
That compulsion is equally powerful
in both males and females.    (more on this below)
All biological life forms have
a compulsive, Third-Dimension sex-drive
Earth-Humans three huge attributes over
other biological lifeforms:
*1  Our consciousness allows us to
     experience the pleasures of
     sensual and sexual sharing,
*2 When we give physical Llove,
     at the same time,
     we are receiving physical Llove,
*3  Humans are the connecting link
     between the holographic physical world
     and the consciousness of God/Godddess .

Humans also have a strong desire
to be of service.  Why?
Because being 
of service feels deeply satisfying.
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
Are you ready for
a combination of

*1    Consciousness      Consciousness is
                                   the source of everything,

*2    Emotions              Emotions trigger actions
                                    designed to make us feel better.
                                     Actions take us from
                                     non-physical thinking
                                     into experiencing our desires
                                    in a holographic reality.            

*3     The five. physical senses
                                   see,  hear,  smell, taste,
                                   tactile sensuality and
                                   Orgsmic Sexuality
                                   Each sense has its own level of ecstasy.

*4     Sexual sharing    Earth-Humans have the abilit
                                    Learn how to and to
                                    personally experience
                                    orgasm as a state of being,

*5     Plant Medicines,   Marijuana / cannabis,
                                     Magic mushrooms / psilocybin

*6  "Storming Heaven,"  Llove Potion 99 is/are
                                    Training wheels
                                     for our Consciousness.
                                     Llove-Potion-99 is a carefully blended                                                  combo of cannabis, psilocybin, and LSD.

*7     Fifth Dimension,  Earth-Humans have
                                     the ability to experience
                                     The First Universal Law of Llove.
                                         i.e    God/Goddess's

*8     Human Christos,   Many thousands of us will
                                     walk the path into
                                     Christ Consciousness?

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

Reality has two sides, 
One physical     and     

One non-physical.
Non-physical is consciousness.
It's  NOT  Magic.

There's  NO  Woo-Woo.    

It's not a childhood fairytale.
It's  NOT  Crazy.  
It Is Pure Physics,
much of which most humans
do not yet understand

Non-physical consciousness
follows an exacting set of rules.  
Everything we know, everything we are.
Everything we experience here on Earth
is based on    and    is a function of   
non-physical consciousness

The Essence of Human Life, like all else,
begins in the non-physical side of reality.
We are about to take you
on a journey into
he strongest human emotion
in the entire universe:
*  Biologically,  Earth-Humans
    are social animals
    with the innate, emotional urge
     to belong,
     to connect,
     to be included,
*  We carry he innate, emotional urge
     for  sexual expression,
     for sexual union,
     for sexual sharing.

*  The innate, emotional urge
    to move toward  what I/we like,
    to move away from what I/we don't like,
    to feel better.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

Five Frames of Intelligence
Earth- Humans are born with
five frames of intelligence.
As a very young child,
we are strongly drawn to one of them.
1-  Words,
     Example:   Author,    Language instructor,
2- Abstract intelligence such as patterns,
     Example    Artist,   Designer,   Photographer
3- Math / numbers,
     Example:    Math teacher,   Accountant.
4- Kinesthetic / Touch    About human bodies,
     Example:    Dancer,     Athletes,
Sensual Delights Network.
5- Social intelligence,    Social interactions.
     Example:    Politician,   Lawyer,   Police
.~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
Notice what your child likes and doesn't like.
Let her/ him discover inside of her / himself
     what makes her / him unique
Allow your childto follow his or her own choices .
At this time
we do not need to figure out
how we got where we are, but
we do need to become Self-aware,
*    to learn 
What and Who we are,
*   We need to learn
     The major contexts
      in which we fin ourselves,
Where are we?
*   We need to become of aware of
where we are headed,
     both collectively and personally. 

Five, innate, compulsive,
human behavior patterns:
breathe,   water,   food,
clothing/shelter,    sexual sharing.
.Are you aware of the difference between
sex and sexual sharing?
All life forms have sex      (i.e. Gender)
only Self-recognized life forms
share sexual-joy.
because the sharing
is done from the heart.
The sharing, the joy, the emotions
are part of the nop-hysical side of reality,
meaning it has a huge
non-physical component.
This is similar to
the non-phy
sical  human ability
we call  Inner Knowing.
Five of our senses are 
holographicaly experiential.
Your Inner Knowing
is in our non-physical
world of consciousness,
and as this page is telling you,
You are an individuated
piece, part, aspect of.
thus , Inner Knowing is
an innate part of what you are.
At the moment, most humans
you don't yet believe / know / understand
that humans have an inner knowing,
so they  don't have access to it...
Inner Knowing is just one of
the talents, skills,
abilities, and understandings
that you are just now
realizing that you have.
There is much, much, more. 
"Greater works than these,
you shall do and more.".  John 14-12


The Sensual Delight Network     SDNet
will focus on
the Cosmic Truth about Llove
in all of its forms,
both physical and non-physical
The Essence of Human Life
like all else,  begins in the
non-physical side of reality.
Life starts from inside each of us.
*  Khold-Priki / feel bad, 
*  Warm-Fuzzy / feel good
*   Like / don't like, 
*   Want / don't want,
*  Move toward / pull away,
These are states of being,
called emotions,
as distinct from tactile sensations
in the Physical world.
Non-physical emotions
cause vibrations in our holographic impression
that we call physical reality.

Emotions inspire vibrations
Vibrations cause movement.
Movement causes change.
Change is the essence of life.
The reason we change is
because we expect to feel better
when we do change,
i.e. when we take intentional action
and we expect to feel worse if we don't.


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