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Welcome to
Adventures Into Fifth Dimension Consciousness

This page will show you many of

the pieces of vital information that are being ignored.

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You Are Inside of God/Goddess

You are a God Being.   We all are God Beings. 

Our society including the churches falsely tell us

that we are separate from God.

The Truth About Vatican Demonic Lies

Do you want to know the truth?   Go to:

Conscious Christianity

Universal Spirituality

The Physics of Consciousness

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How The Universe Functions

Reality has two sides,

one physical and one, non-physical.

Non-physical consciousness is NOT Magic.

It's NOT a childhood fairytale.   There's NO Woo-Woo.   

It's NOT Crazy.   It's Pure Physics.

Our non-physical thoughts create our physical reality.  

Much of which most humans do not yet understand.

You are, I am, all humans are Great Creators.

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The Real Purpose of Money

Money is a control tool used by Cabal criminals 

for the purpose of controlling and enslaving humanity.  

Exposing the Real Source and Purpose of Money

The Fraud Exposed

Here is something you can identify with.

The Cabal Criminals are secretly stealing your money.

Money  --   Six, Major Cabal Banking Frauds

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The First of The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove

The Universal Law of Llove is incredibly simple.  It's only 13 words.

     The way to receive Llove

          is to focus your attention

               on giving Llove.

It is one of the most profound and most simple practices.

The results are phenomenal beyond belief.

Anybody can do it anytime, anywhere.

The First Lost Secret of Llove

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The Invisible Prison that You Live In

For literally centuries, the evil ones have been

secretly controlling human life.

Deception is The Ultimate 3rd D. Weapon of War.

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The Unity of Everything

Separation is a Cabal-created illusion. 

Everything is all part of a single unified whole.

You are intimately connected to God/Goddess.

You are intimately connected to Mother Nature.

You are intimately connected to each other.

Everything is ONE, including YOU.

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Consciousness is King

The evil ones tell us that physical action and violence are king.

The only thing violence is king of is sheyitt-consciousness.

Violence creates pain, misery, destruction, and more violence.

You can't solve a problem by fighting it. 

Problems and challenges are solved first 

by non-physical consciousness and then by inspired, physical action.

There is no need to struggle, argue or fight about anything.

Because you are an eternal, non-physical God Being.

One of your unrecognized talents is that you are a Great Creator.

Remember: Consciousness is the first cause of everything

and every human being is part of God Consciousness.

Consciousness is King.

The Existence of God?

Here's a piece of truth you probably don't yet know:
We are not on a path to God.
We are on a path to realizing that We Are God.

The existence of God is NOT
something you prove or dis-prove.
It's something you realize you are.

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Self Over Situation -- 
       Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati & Dr. Bruce Lipton
       YouTube   1:39:51

*   Beginning at 6:115 to 12:50, Dr, Lipton describes
     the non-physical world of consciousness.

*   From Minute 40:00 to 47:57, Dr Lipton describes
     his awakening into the non-physical world of 
     Universal Spirituality.

*****   Here's the answer to our prayers
     From minute 57;40 to minute 105:30,
     listen to Dr. Bruce Lipton explain
The Physics of Collective Consciousness.
     This is exactly what we are promoting in our
     Monthly Full Moon Celebrations of Life and Love.

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Additional Ignored Messages:

*   The non-physical side of reality.
*   The Convex Earth Documentary film

*   Fighting is for losers.

*   All the oceans on the entire Earth
     are on one single flat plane.

*   We are inside and not outside of the Antarctic wall of ice.

*   Why are there no photographs of Earth from space?

     The famous blue marble picture of Earth is not a picture,

     it is a photoshop rendition of Earth.

*   All of humanity is a single unified whole.

*   Conscious Christianity

*   Source/Creator/God-Goddess

*   Humans are all God-Beings.

*   Humans are great creators.

*   In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God

     and the word was God.

*   Know the truth and the truth will set you free.

*   Gospel of Thomas

*   In The Fifth Dimension,
     everything belongs to those who created it.

*   The sun used to be yellow, now it is white.   

     The entire solar system is undergoing major changes.


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