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Welcome to
Adventures Into Fifth Dimension Consciousness

TO:       Sam Ovens
FROM:   Robert Cote'
RER:      Hero Wanted    Are you available?
We the leaders of We The People's  Advisory Council 
are looking for a hero
and we are hoping you have the courage 
to be the man we are looking for.

We've followed you progress since you first came online.
Considering that you are a self-made success and also
a self-made millionaire, we'd like you to become a here
in the eyes of We-The-People.

Here Is the Challenge:

At issue here is resolving and preventing
an easily preventable, otherwise inevitable

multi-Trillion-dollar financial disaster with additional
social, political and environmental ramifications.
Examine the evidence:   The Ultimate Worthy Cause

Here is the Solution.
Humanity is heading into a world without money.
It's inevitable and unavoidable.

Between today and the Death of both Scarcity and Money
a grand multi -multi billion opportunity is sitting front of us.
Trillions of dollars are soon to become useless. 
fortunately for us, that money is still valuable today,
Where is this money?
It's  the excess money that all very wealth people own
but will never spend.

Our mission is to wake up the first very wealthy person
to realize  the existence of the 

once-in-a-civilization opportunity
that is sitting in plain site right in front of us.

Our second mission is to access a significant portion of that money
before it becomes worthless and
spend it building our new Service to All social structure.

We are looking for a hero like you,
and becomes aware of this
once-in-a-civilization opportunity,
that Earth-humans have now, but soon will disappear.


You can open the door for thousand of very wealthy people
to follow the trail you blazed in the financial wilderness.

Here's your mission, if you choose to accept it.
Read our website page titled
Money  -- The Final Solution  
If you have questions , contact us.

Take a million dollars or so from your excess money    
and  place it in a holding account.
Designate that the  money to be spent
resolving and completing
The Ultimate Worthy Cause
The estimated budget to resolve the Ultimate Worthy
is about twenty-five million dollars.
If you put in more than a million, that would be more impressive

Contact the people you have helped make into millionaires
and invite them to add donations  so that we
match or exceed our estimated costs.

Thank you,
Blessings Be Llove.      (love)
Robert Cote'  aka   Aum FahZoom

Because you are an expert in your field of focus,
I know that if you think you already know
all you need to know you are kidding yourself. 
Because there is a vast amount of
new information that you probably don't yet know
and there are numerous combinations
of information that almost nobody yet knows.   
The Death of Money is an excellent example of this.


To Our Viewers:

Be of Service.
Receive Huge $ Rewards
Phenomenal Perks.


Join the TLC-Life-Center's Chapter of
God/Goddess's  Earth-Recovery-Team.

Contact Us


To Readers of This Page:
Because the Cabal criminals are
are still in control of our communication system,
we often wonder why our messages
do not reach their intended destination

f you can get our message to Sam,

please take it to him.

Be of Service.
Receive Huge $ Rewards
and Phenomenal Perks.

Join the TLC-Life-Center's Chapter of
God/Goddess's  Earth-Recovery-Team.
Contact U

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