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The  Death  of  Money  .org

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Welcome to
Adventures Into
Fifth Dimension Consciousness


This site map has three sections:
Warriors of Consciousness
*2  The Major Pages  
An Alphabetical Listing of All Pages

1   Warriors of Consciousness

These are the women and men
who are leading humanity
into Fifth-Dimension -Consciousness and onto
our new Service to All Social Structure;
Chris Dunkan
Dr. Bruce Lipton 
Foster Gamble
and dozens more.
Find the full list and our message to them
regarding their Service to Humanity, at:


Warriors of Consciousness

2   The Major Pages

War of Consciousness    What Is It?

What is Required to Win Our Freedom?   c

     Cooperation and single-point focus are
   the primary keys to success.

Ignorance / Idiot - Quotient     
    What you think you know as the truth
    is missing major pieces of information.

Death of Money     
    The Death of Money 's dying process holds
     a grand, multi-multi-billion-dollar opportunity.

     Let's check our believability, both yours and mine.
Reality, Faith, and Belief     
Do you have "The Faith of a Mustard Seed?"
What does that mean to you?

Story Time      
A Website-Building-Program for writing and publishing 
stories, poems, essays, articles, and the the like.
Sensual Delights Network.


The Fifth Dimension

     The 5th D. is a state of mind, 
     a state of Infinite Consciousness.
Service to All Replaces Service to Self


     Deception is the ultimate third dimension weapon of war.

Consciousness Is King

     Consciousness Is Beyond Weapons.  

     It's the ultimate creator of joy, Llove, peace and freedom. 

Are you Free or a Mind-controlled Slave?

     Do you dare to take the Slavery-Freedom Test?


Find God by Suffering or by Llove

     You are programmed to chose suffering, but
    there is another way, the way of comfort, Joy,  and Llove .

Ignored Vital Information Exposed

     Learn the truth about what you don't know.

Looking For Llove

    Learn the art of receiving Llove. 
   The way to receive Llove 
    is to focus your attention on giving Llove.

Lunatic Fringe   
    In an insane society, 
    a sane person is considered to be crazy.

UFO Disclosure in The Enlightened Way

    The wise way to make he first UFO contact
      is for women on both sides to connect with each other.
    Find the most common links on  All TLC-Life-Center Websites

Find Any Topic on all six websites by KEY WORDS


The Major Pages

*3   Complete List of All WIX Website Pages
       (Listed Alphabetically)

*  About TLC-Life-Center   c
*  Anything and Everything Technical   Incomplete 
*  Believability  c 
*  Conscious Christianity   c

*  Convex Earth Research Team   Incomplete
*  Declaration of Sovereignty   Incomplete    See DoS original
*  Earth-Science Team            Incomplete
*  Education Fifth Dimension style     Incomplete

*  FahZoom Town                 Incomplete    See FZT original
*  Find God by Suffering of by Llove   c
*  For Whom Do We Speak?    Incomplete   See FWDWS original
*  Full Moon Monthly Celebrations    c 

*  The Great In-Between    Incomplete    See GIB original
*  Home Page   c 
*  Human DNA to Be Upgrades    Incomplete
*  Ignored Vital Information Exposed     c   ad

*  Llove is Not a Four-Letter Word    c   add
*  Looking For Llove     c
*  Lunatic Fringe    cc
*  Marijuana Meditation     Incomplete    See M M original


*   Marijuana Sanity            Incomplete    See MS original
*   Manifesting with 5th D. Consciousness 
                                        Incomplete    See M5D original  k
This address doesn't work 
*   Military Contact
*   Notes   Miscellaneous Notes    c   add

*  Papa Bear         Correct the Address

*   Poop Solution    Incomplete   See PS original    
*   Reality, Faith and Belief    c
 Relationships or Fantasy Trips    Incomplete   See RoFT original

*   Sensual Delights Network    wix 27 feb 24
*   Service to All Replaces Service to Self
*   Sixth Lost Secret of Llove   Incomplete   See 6LS original
*   Reality, Faith, and Belief    c
*   Robin Template   c
*   Military Contacts

*  Site Map and Content of Websites   cc
*  Story Time:   c
Secret Slavery     c
*  Slavery Freedom Test     cc
*  The Great In Between   Incomplete    See GIB original

Torus Scientific Research Team

*  Twelve Gifts From God   Incomplete   See THFG original


*  UFO Disclosure in The Enlightened Way   c
*  War of Consciousness     What Is It?      Requires Update
*  Warriors of Consciousness    c
*  What is Required to Win Freedom?     c

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Site Content continued with
The Warriors of Consciousness 
listed alphabetically below.

To read the open letter to each of the
Warriors of Consciousness,
go to the page titled:  Warriors of Consciousness
or click on any one of them in the list below.

~Brent Phillips      c

~Charlie Ward       Incomplete

~Chris Duncan      c
~Dean Graziosi     c

~Foster Gamble     c
~Jenna Kutcher     c
~Joel Osteen     c
~Lustig, Dr. Robert     c

~Military USA     c
~Sam Ovens     incomplete
~Simon Parkes     c   add
~Tai Lopez     c

~Tony Robbins     c
~Trump, President     c
~Vishen Lakhiani     c
~Wallace Thornhill     incomplete
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Complete List

Team members not yet added to this site:

   Gregg Braden
   Tom Campbell
   Jim Self
   Alex Sanchez

   Derek Hough

   Ellen DeGeneres
   Alex Collier

Now It's Your Turn:

Be of Service.
Receive Huge $ Rewards
and Phenomenal Perks.

Join the TLC-Life-Center's Chapter of
God/Goddess's  Earth-Recovery-Team.
Contact Us

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