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Open Letter To Tai Lopez

Open Letter To Tai Lopez
Beverly Hills, California
March 7, 2022

There appears to be three major pieces of
Vital Information Missing
from Your Investment Strategy.

If you are not yet bringing this information
to the attention of your "Qualified Investors,"
this could result in serious negative consequences
for both you and for your qualified investors.

I'm speaking as a representative of
We-The-People's Advisory Council.
May we offer you three ways you can
be of greater service than you already are?

These three issues are intimately tied to each other.

*** The absolute first disclosure on any

     List of Financial Disclosures is The DEATH of MONEY.
     When a financial investor realizes that the death of money
     is inevitable, unavoidable, and coming soon,
     it usually inspires a re-assessment of his or her investment strategy.

     Find the link below.

*** The second vital piece of information is realizing that a

     7.5 or higher earthquake in or near San Francisco, California
     will trigger a series of easily preventable,
     otherwise inevitable, very destructive events.

     Find the link below.

*** Later, we'll discuss the third vital piece of information.


We cannot prevent a San Francisco, California earthquake,

but we can avoid the series of destructive events that would follow.
This easily preventable otherwise inevitable
trillion-dollar financial disaster
can be prevented by building a storm surge barrier
in the Carquinez Straight
at the north end of San Francisco Bay,
we must build the barrier to functioning status
before the next San Francisco area
earthquake of 7.5 or higher.

Failure / Ignorance / Ignoring this danger
will result in disaster that will require the California Aqueduct
to be shut down for about two years while repairs are made.

The California Aqueduct
The Ultimate Worthy Cause

The California Aqueduct is the main source of fresh water
for Southern and Central California.
The sudden loss of this water-source will precipitate
an easily preventable, otherwise inevitable:
*  Trillion-dollar financial disaster,
*  A huge reduction in California agricultural production,
*  The closing of thousands of Central and Southern California
    farms, factories, businesses, and industries,
*  and God only knows how many will die!

The Council's Technical Advisors have the
actual, physical doing of the project well in hand.

What we require is a
Financial Power Team of  We-The-People.
Why?   Because We-The-People, presently, have 

n o    v o i c e    i n    a n y t h i n g.
Our voices,  spoken individually,  are presently being ignored.

The Financial Power Team will give recognition to
the voices of   and   the choices of   We-The-People.

We'd like you, Tai Lopez,
to be one of our Primary Financial Leaders.

I'm already on the team.
I look forward to our meeting. 
( I'm in San Fernando Valley.)

Our mission is to speak with power
that can match and exceed any opposition.

As a collective voice, here's what you and other
very wealthy people bring to any table:

*   A collective voice too powerful to squash or ignore,
*   Incredible Creativity,
*   Financial Power,
*   Wealth-Building Talents,
*   Skills and talents you won't find anywhere else, 
*   Years of life experiences,
*   Celebrity Status,
*   Believability,
*   Power to convince others,
*   The ability to connect with anyone, anywhere,
*   The ability, as a team, to do what
     no person can do alone.
*   Our mission is to produce
     major benefits for We-The-People,
     benefits that none of us can produce alone.

As a Financial-Power-Team member, you will be part of
We-The-People's 777-Member Advisory Council.
We are a group of Self-Aware Humans
leading our fellow humans who choose to participate with us
on our collective journey into Fifth Dimension Consciousness.


We need to bring you up to speed regarding:

The Inevitable and Unavoidable
     Decline and Complete Death of
          All Forms of Money.

Billions of dollars of Excess Money are
presently held by many, many thousands
of very wealthy people.
(This is money that you and they will never spend.)

This  money is still valuable today,
but soon will become worthless.
Before it becomes worthless and useless,
there is a

huge financial opportunity
for We-The-People.  
Please examine the evidence:

We are inviting several other very wealthy people
to be with you on this team.

Thank you.
We await your reply.

Blessings  Be  Llove      (love)
Robert Cote'  aka   Aum  FahZoom



Why we Chose to Focus on Tai Lopez:
**  Because it's in his own personal, professional,
      and financial best interest to become informed.
**  Because, with ease and simplicity,
      he can be of service to all of humanity.
**  Because he can do what very few others are capable of doing.
**  Because he is a master of his craft.
**  For years, he has a been of valuable source of education
      for those of us who choose to listen to him.
**  He is one of the very wealthy.
**  He is a path finder and a trend setter.
**  He is a valuable role model.
**  If he ignores our request, when his “qualified investors
      find out what he is NOT telling them, he is likely to be sued
      costing him billions of dollars.

This would also cost him a huge loss of his credibility.


To: All Readers of the Above Message

*  Here is what we ask of you:
Because I can never be sure that my messages
reach their intended destination,
please send to Tai Lopez the link to this letter:

*  Here is what we offer you:
We offer you membership on our branch of
God/Goddess's Earth-Recovery-Team.
Join our team and receive a free

Fifth -Dimension education and
enough financial rewards to prepare yourself for
your new life after the death of money.
There are also significant advantages
and phenomenal perks for those of us
actively working on any of the Earth Recovery Teams.

If you have questions, please contact us.

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