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Adventures Into Fifth Dimension Consciousness

Tony Robbins
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Thank You.  
Blessings be Llove.    (love)

Robert Cote' 

Here's  piece of truth that you be wise to know.
If you are an expert in your field of focus,
Here's  a Cabal program to watch out for.

You'll very likely think you already know
all you need to know
If you get stuck there.
You'll close your mind and learn nothing.

Remember, there are no fixed beginings or endings
ything is always changing, evolving, growing or dying..   
No matter how good you think you are,
there is always  more to learn and to become.

We say that because there is always a vast amount of
new  information that you probably  don't  yet kow.
and there are numerous combinations
of information that almost nobody yet knows.
The Death of Money is an excellent example of this.

The last question to ask after any successflul endeavor:

Thank you.   Now how do we make this betteer?
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Contact the person who narrated Jonathan Livingston Seagull


RE:   How to Prepare for Life After The Death of Money

FROM:   Robert Cote'

TO:   Dean Graziosi

RE:   How to Prepare for Life After The Death of Money

FROM:   Robert Cote'

TO:   Dean Graziosi

To Our Viewers:

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Look at the results and allow your mind to see

God-Goddess's natural evolution in every aspect of your life. 

Remember you came here to fulfill

and complete a mission.
Whatever that is, it's why you are here.

Do you know why you are here?

In a world of lunatics and sleepwalking fools,
a sane person is considered to be crazy.

Have you ever been wrong?
When you were being wrong, 

Did you know you were wrong?

Right now,
is it possible that you are wrong about something?
Is it possible that there is something you don't yet know?

Now it's your turn?

Send him a million or so from your loose change.

Cosmic Sky

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