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*   Alan Turing  The Unsung Hero of WWII
*   Kaizen
*   The Evil Ones
*   Distinguishing Between 3rd D.  and  5th D.
*   The Stages of Change
*   The Peter Principle
*   Personality Traits

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ALAN TURING  The Unsung Hero  of WWII

At the beginning of WWII, the German military had
the world's most sophisticate message encryption device.
It was called the Enigma Machine.
The code was so incredibly difficult to break that
everybody knew 
/ believed that 
the enigma codes were impossible to break.

Turing was one of the world's most gifted mathematicians.
He was a professor at Kings's College in Cambridge, England.
Turing knew he could build a machine
that could break the code.

Out of his own version of Universal Consciousness
Alan Turing built a machine that broke the code,
His machine was the forerunner of what, today,
is known as the computer

Turing was a highly  eccentric  homosexual man,
clearly  a part of the Lunatic Fringe.
Because homosexuality
was considered to be a serious crime,
Turing constantly lived in fear of
being exposed and imprisoned.

He offered the British military his service at
breaking the code of  the enigma machine system.
In spite of an  agonizing conflict
with the the British leadership
he succeeded.

I highly recommend that you 
watch the film titled  "The Imitation Game".
It's  a true story based on the book
"Alan Turing: The Enigma" by Andrew Hodges
(Presently, Apr 22, Available in Netflix.)
It's a story about Alan Turing,
the man who lived under intense ostracization 
for his eccentric behavior.
Under extremely difficult conditions,
he broke the code of the WWII,
German message inscription, Enigma Machine.
For the rest of the war, the allies
knew everything that the German military
was going to do before they did it.
His work was the greatest contribution to humanity
of any man of his era. 

"Historians estimate that breaking the enigma code
Shortened the war by more than two years
saving over 14 million lives."

Instead of being rewarded 
for accomplishing a task
that everybody considered impossible,
Turing was arrested for being a homosexual.
He had a choice, spend two years in prison or 
take a series of drugs that were peddled
as if the drugs were a cure for homosexuality.

We now know that the entire anti homosexuality
program was one weapons of the secret evil ones

which he called chemical castration.
life for him became unbearable.  
he committed suicide.
Everything was kept top secret for 50 years.

The quote below is in the film three times.
This indicates its importance to the story.
"Sometimes it's the people who no one thinks anything of
who do the things that no one [else] can  imagine.
I invite you to read the Fifth Dimension version of this quote:
The Lunatic Fringe.

__   __   __   __   __   END   The Enigma   Alan Turing

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The goal of kaizen is to improve
the quality, joy, comfort, efficiency, and/or functionality
in any area of one’s life.  

Kaizen is a process by which a person or a business
makes a continuing series of
small, incremental, positive changes -- 
changes that eventually and collectively
result in major transformations.  


If you are required to make or if you desire to make
major changes, such as
the in-process Global Transformation,
the wise way to do that
is to take a series small steps.  

This section explains why small steps
are superior to big jumps.   

Kaizen is a highly successful and  
a proven approach to making changes. 
Kaizen is a process that came out of
the Japanese reconstruction process following WWII.  
The word kaizen means
"change for the better" -- "improvement."  
It was originally developed for business, however,
it is applicable to any aspect of  one's life.  


The goal of kaizen is to improving the quality, joy,
comfort, efficiency, and/or functionality

in any area of one’s life.   
Kaizen is a process by which a person or a business
makes a continuing series of small,
incremental, positive changes
that eventually and collectively result in

major transformations. 

In our present-day social system,
most of us have been programmed
to believe that successful change
comes in big steps and major pieces --
that large change is good change --
that the way to succeed is to
make the largest possible change
in the shortest possible time.  
This approach is called "Innovation."   


The problems with innovation are
that it's too big to cope with, 
it  usually doesn't work,  and it's scary as hell.   
Innovation  doesn't work because
it is counter to the human nature which resists change
and sees major changes as threatening.   

Kaizen offers a way around these problems.  
Changes are most successful and lasting if they  are small and
if each new step is followed by an integration time. 

The human psyche is designed to resist change.  
Most of us like routine; we like consistency;
we like the normal, the dependable, the usual; 
we like that which is in harmony with us as we presently are. 
So when facing major changes most humans baulk,
they resist, and all to often, simply refuse to change.  
The result of refusing to adjust or to adapt to a new context
(a new set of external circumstances)
is often uncomfortable, painful, and
could even produce disaster.  

Kaizen offers a way around this problem, too.   

Fear of failure is still another major factor
in our inability to make major changes.  

In many social traditions, particularly,
the Christian tradition
there is a strong psychological link
between being wrong and being punished.  
Failure is associated with pain.  
Failure is associated with sin which, in turn, 
is associated with eternal damnation in hell. 

The way around this is again found in the Kaizen approach.  
Make steps so small that success is relatively easy,
mistakes are correctable,  and fear of failure is minimal. 

Instead of major changes, use the mountain-climbers motto:  
"Take one step at a time."  
Or answer the ancient Sufi masters question: 
"How do you eat an elephant?"  
We don’t actually eat elephants, but symbolically speaking
the answer is “One bite at a time.”  

Here are some additional examples:   

     (o)>   In whatever goals you're striving to reach,
think in terms what you're familiar with and comfortable with.   
Now stretch one small step beyond what is easy for you to do.   
Avoid a big jump.   Just take a small step.   
What you will notice is that as you become familiar with
this new small stretch, the anxiety goes away, and
you find that your comfort zone has expanded. 
Tomorrow, perhaps you'll  be ready for another small step. 

     (o)>   You probably won't be able
to lose thirty pounds, but
you could lose one or two pounds.  
Then after that, you could probably
lose another pound or two. 

(     o)>   You could postpone the next cigarette
or the next drink or
the second helping of food for ten minutes.  
And after ten minutes, you might consider
postponing them another  five minutes.   
Later, you could begin by postponing them
for fifteen minutes, and so on.   


You'll probably notice that,  by making this small delay
before eating the next bite of food,
the desire for more food often dissipates.  
This is because the body requires a few minutes
to adjust to the food you have already eaten.   

Once that adjustment has been made,
if the stomach is full, the body says, "Stop eating." 
After this delay, the desire for food is often  greatly reduced.   


Editor's Note:  Another factor to consider when dealing with
the desire to eat food is to pause for a moment and ask,
"What am I really hungry for?"  

What you'll find is that you are really seeking to feel better.  
What you are seeking is more feel good feelings.  
More food is usually not the real answer to the question. 
"What am I really hungry for?"  
Now, back to Kaizen.  

     (o)>   Think of a small way you could
improve the efficiency of your work or your tasks at home.   

     (o)>   You'll probably resist cleaning your whole house,
but you could easily clean one shelf in the pantry.   
Then later, or  tomorrow or the day after,
you might tackle a second shelf.    

     (o)>   How could you be just a bit nicer
to your family, friends, co-workers, and
to the people you encounter
in the grocery market or a restaurant?    

     (o)>   And the words you just read. . .  
They were typed one letter at a time.    

The Bottom Line:  
It’s much easier, psychologically, emotionally and physically,
to make a series of a thousand small steps
than it is to make one huge jump.    

<><> .

Recommended reading on this topic:    
One Small Step Can Change Your Life:  The Kaizen Way  
A book by Robert Maurer,  Workman Publishing, New York.  

<><><>   <><><>

Also, check the Internet.   
Wikipedia has an excellent description. 

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The Evil Ones

Parasitic monsters have been
manipulating Earth-Humans
since the creation of  humanity
as s new civilization, 

About 400,000 years ago.,
the evil ones genetically altered 
some ape-like creatures 
work in the underground mines

We have been secretly mind-controlled slaves
since our DNA was altered
"to produce slaves smart enough to work,
but too stupid the think for themselves.
Since then, our DNA
has been altered several times. 

After 400,000 years of servitude,
Earth-Humans are realizing
what and who we are,
and that means
We now have a choice about
what and who we shall become

As one aspect of our awakening process
we are  becoming aware of
how our collective social structure
has been repeatedly  manipulated
to suit the wishes of the evil ones
and to hold back the evolution of humanity.

Deception:  Third Dimension's Ultimate WSeapon of War

Secret Cabal Human and Corporate-Control System

Lizzerdz-Team Theory

Distinguishing Between 3rd D.  and  5th D.

3rd D   
     Self interest only,    kill,   destroy,    control  others.

5th D.   
      Creating,     Growing,     Learning about self,
      Learning and living by the laws, rules, and principles
      that govern the Universe.

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The Stages of Change

Whenever a major change is brought forth,
the creation process goes through these stages:

*1   The creator and his/her creation is simply ignored.

*2   The creator is ridiculed, laughed at,
put down, and/or labeled as
a fool who is just wasting his time.

*3   The status quo becomes threatened
and resists the change.  
The creator is often considered
a troublemaker who should be gotten rid of.

*4   The final step is: "Oh that. 
We've known that all along".

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Peter Principle
The evidence points to the conclusion that
most third dimension leaders 
have been promoted in their career
until the reach their level of incompetence. 
i.e.  They are incapable of doing their present job
so they are not promoted again,
and there they sit doing a lousy job.
This is called the Peter principle.

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Personality Traits

We have five basic personality traits: 
*   Inner Child, 
*   Saboteur,  We set ourselves up for failure
*   Prostitute - We sell pieces of who we are
           in exchange for things like safety
*   Sexual being,
*   The Judge   We have beliefs, attitudes and opinions
            about everything.   

<><><>   <><><>

The Judge

           The Judge:   The basic attributes of a judge is
           one who reviews, critiques, evaluates.   

Humans have been programmed to find fault,
to declare others guilty, condemn them, and then punish  

Along the way/ the line between clean  and dirty,
at whet point does each become the other?  
A what point does dirty become clean? 
At what point does clean become dirty?  
Who determines the point along that line
where each becomes the other?  
Am I required to make my dividing point
at the same point that your do?    

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+++   Seven Mental Prisons:

             Learned Helplessness     

                  Futile Gesturing   

             Victim Consciousness       

             Normalcy Bias      

             Denial and Projection    

             Fighting - Fixing - Negative Emotions     

***+++     Encyclopedia of Fifth Dimension Consciousness   

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Thank you,
Blessings Be Llove         (love)

Robert Cote'  aka  Aum   FahZoom

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