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Adventures Into Fifth Dimension Consciousness

TO:   Brent Phillips

RE:     Financial Freedom for Brent Phillips

FROM:   Robert Cote'


The fact that you are one of Earth's
genius characters is obvious.

What isn't obvious, is that your genius has
some pieces of information still missing.

For example,
you are still struggling for money.

Contact me.
I have leaned things about money and
about other aspects of human life
that I'll guarantee, you don't yet know.

For my services,
I normally charge a one-time fee of $19,000.
Because of our long-time relationship,
I'll share my expertise with you for only $5,000.

Contact me when you are ready to
end your slavery to money.

Work with me and with
the TLC-Life-Center Team.
Help us locate the first wealthy person
to realize that scarcity and money
will both soon be history.

Very wealthy people
have large amounts of excess money
that are still valuable today, but
will soon become worthless and useless.
     Excess/unused- money is
    the money wealthy people own and control
    that is more than they could possibly ever use
    for themselves or for their family.

Our job is to show them that some of their
soon-to-be-useless money can be used today
to support humanity's transition into
the new, Service-to-All Social Structure.

Our job is to show them how to prepare themselves
and their family for Life After the Death of Money.

Once this door is opened, huge sums of money
will become available.

With your participation,
we'll soon be at the point
where NOBODY will ever have to
struggle for money again.
Learn the details at

Here's an additional reason
for them to take action:
Invite them to support
The Ultimate worthy Cause.

If you can't afford $5000,
you will have proved my point.

We await your response.
Thank you.

Robert Cote,
Contact Us

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Chapter ofGod/Goddess's  Earth-Recovery-Team.
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