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Welcome to
Adventures Into Fifth Dimension Consciousness

TO:    Jenna Kutcher
Robert Cote'
RE:   You're Perfect for the Part

We-the-People's Advisory Council members
are in the process of creating a

Mutually-Supporting, Local-Community, Organic Garden System,
including its national support system.

We would like you to be the public spokesperson for the project.

Because you are the perfect person for the part,
Because you are a small-town girl,
Because you are a Lloving mom,
Because you're willing to share who you are, as you are,
Because you have the ability to speak from your heart,
Because you are a skilled and experienced conscious creator,
And mostly, because my heart sings in harmony with yours
     when I hear you talk about your daughter.

I completely missed my daughter's childhood.
My daughter's mother was filled with huge amount of fear and guilt.
She never informed me of her out-of-wedlock pregnancy or the child.
I didn't even know my daughter existed until she was 45 years old.

Today, my passion is to create an Organic Food Production System
so that every child is nourished with both food and Llove. 

When our test program, in Sonora, California, proves successful,
we will share our concept with everyone, everywhere in the entire nation. 

We will then begin Phase Two of our garden system.

Phase Two will begin with two national gardens.

One in Texas and one in Southern California.
The concept can then be exported to other nations.


May I introduce you to Dr. Robert Lustig,

UCSF School of Medicine
Institute for Responsible Nutrition
Film    Fat Chance Fructose 2.0     
         University of Calif. Television
Book: Fat Chance

Dr. Lustig tells us why creating
Organic-Community-Owned Gardens System
is so essential.


Jenna, you are so good in caring for your daughter.

Please work/play with us in helping other mothers

do the same thing for their children.

Thank you.

Please examine our program.

Please respond so that I know
that you received this message.

Blessings Be Llove.     (love)
Robert Cote'   

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