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The Death of

Coming Soon

Here's what is about to happen:
The  Cabal Installed beliefs inside of
your own subconscious mind 
are about to tell you that

what is written here is Impossible.
Ignore it.
DO NOT examine any evidence.
If you do, you will be punished.

Go here to learn the truth.

On your first reading of this page,

please ignore the links
__   __   __   __   __

If you don't believe that
both scarcity and money
will soon be gone,
it's because you do not yet understand

The Physics of Consciousness.
You do not yet understand
The Rules of Reality.
And you do not yet understand

The Evolution of the Universe.
__   __   __   __   __   

The People of Planet Earth, for a short time only,

are inside the window of opportunity for
most Profound,   most Delightful,   most Exciting,
most Rapid Social Advancement  
in all of Human History.

Our job is to realize
what and who we really are
and then, take inspired actions.

*   Because multi-multi-billions of dollars 
     are available RIGHT NOW for use by We-The-People.

*   Very soon, the conditions and circumstances     
will change and this opportunity will be gone forever.

Q. What do you want us to do?
A.  We want you to help us find
     the first wealthy donor 
     who understands that he or she has
     millions or billions of dollars of excess money,
     money that is valuable today, but
     will soon become worthless. 
      Once this belief barrier is broken,
      once the doors to almost infinite wealth are open,
      a flood of still valuable money
      will provide for the active
leaders and players
      in this War of Consciousness
      with enough money to set up themselves and
      many others into excellent  conditions and circumstances
      for Life After the Death of Money
      The death of money will eventually bring a new world
      to everyone else,  so our question is: 
      "Do you want yourself, your family,
      and the rest of humanity
      to take the fast track and
      to ride  through this transition
      with grace and ease,
      do you want to
      be  one of the mindless ones
      dragged in with the mob of sleep walking humans
      who will scramble through
      the dregs of 3rd D. Sheyitt
      and take years to acclimate themselves to
      life after The Death of Money?

      If you are wise, you will take action now,

      because ,  like I've already said,
      very soon, the conditions and circumstances

      will change and this opportunity will be gone forever.

      Even if we do nothing, Life After The Death of Money
      will eventually arrive for those of us
      who are not destroyed by the war's collateral damage
      or are not killed in the slow
      and painful version of this transition. 

__   __   __   __   __
__   __   __   __   __

If all this is new to you, we suggest
that you enter the new world of caring and sharing
with gentleness.     Why?  
Because everything,  yes everything  is changing.
the changes are so dramatic and so profound
that they could be overwhelming.  

We suggest you begin by learning
how to bring more Llove into your life.

Examine The First Lost Secret of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.

It's simple, it's easy, it's fun.
Anybody can easily be successful.

It's only 13 words:
     The way to receive Llove
           is to focus your attention
               on giving Llove.

If you want to be of service,
if you want to help,

but don't know what to do,
go to The Sixth Lost Secret of Llove.

__   __   __   __   __

If you are already familiar with
our transition into Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
please continue reading the information posted below.

What Is Our First Priority?
     Our first priority is to find one or more

     wealthy people willing to use

     a portion of their still valuable,

     but soon to become worthless, excess money

     for the purpose of preventing
     an easily-preventable, but otherwise inevitable
     California Aqueduct water-source, trillion-dollar disaster. 

if we take action,   
money's dying process

will provide humanity with
the greatest economic stimulus 

the world has ever seen.
__   __   __   __   __

__   __   __   __   __

What Is The Truth About Money?
Money is a criminal Cabal tool for enslaving humanity.
For money to exist, 
several things, conditions, circumstances, and
several false human beliefs must
all exist at the same time.

Here's the list:
*   Money can only exist in a

     criminally controlled 

     service-to-self society.   
*   The people must believe the lie
that scarcity is real.
*   The people must be prevented from realizing 
     their own true nature that
     humans are actually eternal,
     non-physical God-Beings;
     that humans are great creators;
     that creation is done by consciousness,
     consciousness that is
     followed up by inspired action.
*   The people must be prevented from understanding that
     planet Earth is a holographic reality.   
*  The people must be prevented from understanding that
     Consciousness is King.   That We-The-People
     are powerful creators who create 
     by thought followed by inspired action.
*   The people must be prevented from knowing that
     collective human consciousness
     is the greatest power in the Universe,
     that Earth-Humans are not only on 
     the leading edge of cosmic evolution,

These lies have all been exposed.

We will be the first civilization  
created and managed by thousands of humans
that carry God-Consciousness / Christ-Consciousness
while functioning in their physical bodies.

God/Goddess has arrived.   He/She Is Us!

Once people understand 
what and who we really are
and that humans are Great Creators,
we will create so much
wealth that scarcity will no longer exist.

Without scarcity, money
will become worthless and useless.
When that happens, the Cabal liars
lose their power of control.
We will have won the
War of Consciousness.
Humanity will be free!

Right now, money is dying and
in its dying process,

we have a great / grand opportunity
to obtain / spend / use
multi-multi billions of dollars
for the benefit of the people
but, we must take action
before conditions change and
money becomes useless.
See the page titled:
What Is Required to Win Our Freedom?

Planet Earth, including all of humanity,
is part of God / Goddess's Cosmic Evolution.

Like it or not,   believe it or not,   ready or not,

humanity and the Earth itself are moving into

Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

This transformation is so huge, that
while holding Third-Dimension-Consciousness,
it's beyond your capacity to even imagine
the joy-filled future that is in store for all of us.

Almost everything you have been told
about Earth-plane reality is a lie,
a lie designed to keep Earth-Humans as
mindless wage slaves,
doing anything and everything
they are told to do
in exchange for money.

There are two aspects of this change that
require immediate attention:

* The Death of Money is the first priority. 


   Because by taking action on this opportunity,

   we will have multi-multi-billions of dollars

   with which to build our new
Service to All Social Structure.

* The second priority is to avoid
   an easily avoidable, otherwise inevitable,
   trillion-dollar financial and social disaster.
The Ultimate Worthy Cause

Because Fifth Dimension Consciousness

is such a huge shift into a completely new reality,

we invite you to begin your Fifth Dimension education

by reading our Open Letter to Tai Lopez
* This will give you a basic introduction
   to the changes that we are going through.

* It will begin your introduction to

   the world of Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

Please read our  Open Letter To Tai Lopez.


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Do you want complete freedom?             
Do you want more Llove in your life?         
Do you want to live in a world of abundance for all?


If so, go to Storybook Adventures/Destiny Calls 

and create freedom, Llove, and abundance
for yourself and everybody else, as well.

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