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Conscious Christianity


Universal Spirituality


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Adventures Into Fifth Dimension Consciousness

I'm about to show you the most profound change

in Christian Consciousness since Martin Luther

sparked The Reformation in 1517.

The Teachings Of Jesus
Tell Us That

The Scientific Evidence
Tell Us That


We are referring to the world of

God Consciousness

that Jesus told us about:

Jesus said you are a god.  
Jesus tells us directly three times,
right there in the Christian Bible. 

Psalm 82:6         John 10:34-35

Isaiah 41:23     

Also see:  John 14:20   and        Luke 17:21

He also tells us that anything

He did we can do and more. John 14:12.

For Conscious Christianity,

please continue reading

below on this page.

Secular / Scientific

Let us introduce you to

what The Evidence tells us.


The secret Cabal Criminals

tricked us into believing and
teaching lies that are still believed.

As a result, unexposed lies

are still severely damaging

us and our children.

It's time to clean that up now.  

It's time to wake up.

For those who are primarily
secular and scientific, 
please go to

Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

What We Really Need To know


Before we can have an intelligent conversation about God,

we must first define what we mean by the word God. 



Realize that life is not what we have been

led to believe it is by those who claim to know.

Earth humans are presently stuck in an invisible prison.

Deception -- The Ultimate Third Dimension Weapon


Earth has shifted out of Third Dimension Sheyitt-Consciousness.

We must adopt our lives to fit into the new

Fifth Dimension Consciousness.


Realize that

The Teachings of Jesus,

Secular, Scientific Principles,

and the

Underlying Principles of Universal Spirituality

are all based on the exact same basic prinsciples.


The teachings of Jesus are The Truth That will Set Us Free.

John 8:31-32


We are much more than physical bodies.  

We are eternal  God-Beings.    

Psalms 82:6      John 10:34, 35    Isaiah 41:23     

John 14:20       and  Luke 17:21


We have The Creative Power of God

in everything we are and 

in everything we do John 14:12.


Realize that we are all here together.   

We are all brothers and sisters in a single unified whole.  Everything is intimately interconnected to and 

is a part of everything else.

Unity   ---  Everything is Part of a Single Unified Whole.


Note that in twelve passages from the Christian Bible,

Jesus, himself, did not heal.   In every case, he said

that it was the person's faith that caused the healing.

Quote:   "Your Faith Has Made You Whole".

This is true because we live in a Holographic Universe

and in a holograph, Consciousness controls everything.


Realize that we have been tricked
into believing self-destructive lies.

The biggest lie in all creation is that you are separate from God,

separate from nature, separate from each other.
Deception -- The Ultimate Third Dimension Weapon.


Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess has stepped in 

and is getting rid of the evil ones and cleaning up the mess. Cosmic Transformation of Human Consciousness.


Our jobs are:  
To learn the truth.   

To heal our own bodies.
Be of service to ourselves and each other.   
Service to All    Replaces    Service to Self.


Learn The Seven Great Truths: 
We are Worthy, Deserving,

Llovable and Enough.

We are connected to God.

We are Eternal God-Beings,

we are God

and so are you.


The Great In-Between

A Fifth Dimension Perspective of Source/Creator/God-Goddess.

The Great In-Between    is in-between everything,  
The Great In-Between    contains everything,      
The Great In-Between    connects everything,     

The Great In-Between is Consciousness,
Consciousness is the Creator
Consciousness is the Perceiver.
Humans are also
Consciousness, Creators, and Perceivers.

The first message we give ourselves is
to be Christians with both head and heart. 
We are each interpreters of the Teachings of Jesus.
No one else can interpret the teachings for us.
That's Conscious Christianity.

Thank you,
Blessings Be Llove     (love)
Robert Cote'
First Minister of Conscious Christianity.


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Conscious Christianity is 

The Most Profound Changes in Consciousness and in Christianity since Martin Luther sparked The Reformation in 1517.

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