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Looking For Llove


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Welcome to
Adventures Into Fifth Dimension Consciousness

RE:       Are You Looking for Llove?
Robert Cote'
TO:      All Who Want More Llove

We don't actually look for Llove.
We work/play inside of ourselves and
become the perfect match for the Llover we want.
We turn ourselves into  a magnet for our Llover's vibrations
and the First Universal Law of Llove brings him or her to us.

Looking for Llove       Lesson One

May we guide you on your journey
Fifth Dimension Llove?

Fifth Dimension Llove is
The Art of 
Creating/Growing and Maintaining
*   Lloving, 
*   Intimate,  
*   Exciting,  
*   Peaceful,
*   Harmonious,

From where you are, (third dimension),
most people are looking for Llove from
the mind-set of   
The Absence of Llove.
They focus on what's wrong or what's missing
and waste their life force energy
trying to fix what's wrong or

searching for what's missing.

You are now at choice.
1)   You can continue to live your life as you have been 

      secretly-mind-controlled to live it.
      You can remain  a powerless victim of your circumstances.
2)   You can learn to be a master of your own future.

Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess

has given humanity every tool we need,
BUT Source IS NOT going to build your future for you.
You must create it / grow it,  step at a time.

Many  people believe they are defective, unworthy, etc.
By focusing on what's wrong or missing,
they tell the
Universal Law of Attraction and
Universal Law of Thought
to give them more of what's wrong
and more wanting of what's missing.

This is true because Universal Consciousness
does not focus on the opposite of an idea.
The Universal Law of Thought gives to every human
more of what's inside of his/her personality-consciousness. 
That's You.    Yes, you.

The thoughts are  particularity powerful
at manifesting into physical form 
when the thoughts are laden with strong human emotions.
It matters not   --   positive or negative.
Think about it and you boost
the likelihood that it will show up in your life.

Now that we know where we are,
let us step into the ongoing process of
creating and  growing our own, new self.
For each of us,
who we become . . .  is a personal choice.

Our minds were hijacked
from the moment we committed to
take on our present, physical form.

Why do I believe whatever it is that I believe?

So, our job now is to change our personal lives.
Thus, we begin the journey into
the field of Self-Awareness.
We let go of the old and the obsolete in many ways.
One of the ways to do that is to simply begin
throwing old beliefs out of your consciousness.


Tidbits of Truth  -- 
are designed to inspire you to
attend your next lesson.

Tidbit One
Fifth Dimension Sexual Sensuality can include
a dozen orgasms in a single session or
orgasms that last for several minutes.
I speak this truth from experience.



Self-Analysis             Lesson Two   

*     Take the
Freedom / Slavery Test.
**   Check our Believability, both mine and yours.
*** Learn the
Context we are in, Situation Update.


Tidbit Two
In this program you will learn
how to achieve Sexual Sensual fulfillment.
Sexual compulsions and urges
will no longer control your life.


Learn The Art of Receiving Llove          Lesson Three

*     Learn and practice
The First Universal Law of Llove . . .
It's only 13 words.
  The Way to receive Llove
         is to focus your attention
              on giving Llove.

**     Learning with a learning-partner
         makes the learning process much easier.

***   Learn your connection with God/Goddess.

       *  We are not on a path to God.
           We are on a path to realizing that

           We Are Gods.
       *  The existence of God is NOT
           something you prove or dis-prove.
           It's something you realize you are.


The Seven Grand Truths
Relationships or Fantasy Trips


Tidbit Three  
Begin imagining who you are
inside of your new Llove relationship.
What does that feel like?


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                 When we give, we also receive.
          When we receive, we have  more to give.
       And in the process, we experience great joy.       
  The Monthly, Llove-Day- Parties are about to begin              

                    What is this message telling us?
          The quickest, fastest, easiest, most effective
       and most efficient way  for you to receive Llove
             is to  focus your attention on giving Llove. 
                                     Give and Receive.
                              Two peas in the same pod.
    Two sides of the same coin.        Two pieces of the same pie.
    Two ducks on the same pond.      Two apples on the same tree.
    Two Llovers in the same bed.       Have you got the message yet?



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