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What is Required to Win Our Freedom?


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Welcome to
Adventures Into
Fifth Dimension Consciousness

To win our freedom,
Here's What Is Required:

#   ONE

Cooperation   Cooperation   
Cooperation   Cooperation   Cooperation   
Cooperation   Cooperation   Cooperation  
Cooperation   Cooperation   Cooperation   
Cooperation   Cooperation   

We, The Warriors of Consciousness
MUST work / play together
in cooperating and mutually supporting teams.

Of course, what you are already doing is important
BUT without the rest of us, what you are doing 
has the same value a piss hole in the snow.
STOP the macho cowboy, I can do it alone Bull-Sheyitt.

Of course, when dealing with the general public,
charging for your services is appropriate.

We are simply requesting very different behavior
when dealing with anyone  actively working as
part of God/Goddess's Earth recovery Teams.
This includes more than the team leader.
This includes all those supporting the leaders.

Earth Humans have a track record of 

Huge Delays   and   
Many Missed Opportunities.
Because we have no collective winning strategy
and no collective point of focus.

The truth is
We are all leaders of our own lives.
Each of us in a different area of the same mission.
We are The Warriors of Consciousness.
Let us work together as equals.

We Have Five Primary Goals:

1.  To wake up and take advantage of
     Death of Money's  multi-multi-billion dollar opportunity.

2.  To prevent the easily preventable, otherwise inevitable
      trillion dollar, California, aqueduct disaster.

3.  To activate our monthly, Full Moon
      entertainment / education programs.

4.  To  create We-The-People's Organic
      Local community garden system ,    
      with its national supporting network.
5.   Fifth-Dimension, Special/Unique
      Education Program for Children
      from Birth to age Seven.


6.   To Return Music Base Frequency to 432hz
       Although this  change  looks insignificant,
       it's actually one of our
       most powerful tools for change.

Why Cooperate?
Because the group is more important
than the individuals in it.
Because your  contribution,
no matter how big or small,
is an important part of a huge,
cosmic-level transformation
of Human Consciousness.

*   The traditional, top-down, 
*   Territorial Jurisdictions
*    Vertical hierarchy of control
is being gently replaced by lateral control,
in which small groups of people work as teams.
cooperate with other small groups and
network into a large
mutually-supporting system.

In this system, the people own their own creations.
They are NOT wage slaves
working for the benefit of someone or something else.

In the new system,
cooperation and
mutual support
replace control by threat of violence
or by actual violence
against those who fail to follow orders
.Our food production system
desperately needs replacing by
Local-Community-Owned Organic Gardens Systems
​by,  of,  and  for   We-The-People.   
This is a is a clear example of
cooperation in action.

__   __   __   __   __

None of us are any better (or worse) 

than anyone else. 
Our problem / challenge is that most of us
are still controlled:

*     By the old, obsolete, Cabal-created,
       third-dimension, sheyitt- filled belief system.  

     We must wake up to the fact the Earth-Humans
     are in a war to the death with the evil ones:
     Deception -The Ultimate 3rd D. Weapon

As a result of our ignorance and
our lack of cooperation,
we live in An Invisible Prison.  

Ask yourself:   
Why do  I believe whatever it is that I believe?

Because you are an expert in your field of focus,
you think you already know all you need to know
You are kidding yourself.
There is no end to Growth and learning
You are keeping all of  us stuck.   WAKE UP !

STOP the macho cowboy,
I can do it alone Bull-Sheyitt.

If you were already  awakened,
you wouldn't still be working for money.

Check your internal emotions right now.
If, at this moment,
you are feeling any negative emotions, 
What are you denying?

Realize that there is a vast amount of
new information that you don't  yet know and
there are numerous combinations of information
that almost nobody yet knows.
The Death of Money is an excellent example of this.

__   __   __   __   __

Our Truth Challenge
We invite you, we challenge you to prove us wrong
on this or on any other major topic on any of
TLC-Life-Center's seven websites.
Why?    Because in attempting to prove us wrong,
you will prove us right. 

     A war of consciousness is NOT won with
     low vibration, third dimension violence.
The Laws of the Universe tell us that:

          We Cannot Use Violence
               or threat of Violence
                    to Create Peace.

     It's won with God-level,
     Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
     which is the first cause and prime controller
     of everything.
    Earth-Humans are in  a
    NON-violent  War of Consciousness.
    If we work together, and only if we work together,
    We can create   Peace,   Joy,   Abundance for All.

__   __   __   __   __  

Remember,   if this is your first reading
of this page, ignore the links.

__   __   __   __   __

What Else Is Required?

             # TWO


Collective Human Consciousness is
the greatest power in the entire universe!

Everything, and  I mean EVERYTHING
in the entire Universe

and yet, 
our so-called leaders completely ignore this.
Actually, it's not ignore. 
They, like every other human being,
have been mind-manipulated / hypnotized
to falsely believe
that consciousness is insignificant

This makes them incapable of
winning a war of Consciousness
We, the Warriors of Consciousness,
must work together and lead the way.

Harnessing the Power of Collective Consciousness

__   __   __   __   __

How do we use  our collective human Consciousness?

One of the ways do so
is within the content of our major
Education -Entertainment tool:
Full Moon Celebrations of Life and Llove:

Collective human consciousness
is the greatest power in the entire Universe.
Imagine 100,000,000 people all
focused on the same topic att he same time.

For example, imagine 100,00,00 people
sending healing energies to planet Earth
all at the same time.

And other topics like:
*   Freeing the still hidden technology
*   Physical body healing for all who choose Llove
*   Exposing the irrefutable
     evidence-based truth that
     all oceans on the entire earth
     are on one single flat plain.
*   Exposing the true nature of Earth-Humans.
*    Restructuring human DNA for long lives
*   Returnig the base frequency of music to 432hz.
*   We-The-People taking back control of the Internet.
*   And much more

All this requires your participation

Need More?   
If you still have not gotten he message
check the links below.

          Mutual-Support      and
Cooperation   Mutual support      
The Value of Cooperation:

A war of consciousness is NOT won with
low vibration, third dimension violence.
It's won with God-level, Fifth-Dimension Consciousness
which is the first cause and prime controller of everything,.
This is a     NON-violent     
War of Consciousness.
If we work together, and only if we work together,
We can create   Peace,   Joy,   Abundance for All.


__   __   __   __   __  

Remember,   If this is your first reading
​of this page, ignore the links.

__   __   __   __   __

What Else Is Required?

              # THREE

Tools Required for
Winning a War Consciousness

Wisdom (i.e. How to use knowledge)
That is what this website and TLC-Life-Center's
family of websites is all about.
For example, see the introduction to this page
and also sections one and two.

Provide the tools for eliminating the evil ones.

     Computers, printers,  and other
     office tools and equipment

Communication Systems:
    A physical supporting communication network
Fifth-Dimension People to People Connection Service

     Reliable transportation Our first choice
       is a Toyota Siena

Home / Office Combo:
     Adequate work and living facilities
     for the leaders and for those
     consciously and intentionally participating in 
     one (or more) of 
God/Goddess's Earth Recovery Teams.

__   __   __   __   __

What Else Is Required?              

              # FOUR

Robert Cote' 
Designer, Author, Project Creator

Everything I  am using to create this website
and to do the work I am doing

requires immediate updating
     Home   personal living facilities,
     Office   In-Home  /  Home Office
     Computer, printer, office equipment and  the like
     Reliable Auto  preference:  Toyota Sienna.

What I/we Suggest:
We suggest that some very wealthy person
use some of his / her 
excess money
to buy a very large home
in North San Fernando Valley
(about 25 miles north west of
Downtown Los Angeles).

Let the TLC-Life-Center  chapter of

God/Goddess's  Earth Recovery teams
use the home for its
Southern California headquarters.   
the death of money,
the donor will still own the home.
At that time, he/she will own a home
instead of useless money.

__   __   __   __   __
Be of Service.
Receive Huge $ Rewards
nomenal Perks.

Join the
TLC-Life-Center's Chapter of
God/Goddess's  Earth-Recovery-Team.
Contact Us

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To free humanity from the Cabal's

invisible prison of lies and illusions
we'd be wise to understand where we are and
what resources are available to us.
See the page titled:  What Is a Human Being.

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