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If this is your first reading of this page,

ignore the links.   Here's why:

Welcome to
Adventures Into Fifth Dimension Consciousness

War of Consciousness  Overview:

I am about to share with you an overview of
an incredibly sophisticated war for the control of your mind
and for the control of the minds of every other Earth-Human.

First, realize that
human life on Earth is NOT
what you have been led to believe it is
by those who claim to know

For thousands of years
the evil ones have done
everything they could possibly do
to prevent Earth Humans from 
knowing their true nature

At this time, January, 2023,
Earth-Humans are in the final stages of
a (used to be secret) war
for the control of human consciousness. 
On Earth, this war has been going on
for at least 30,000 years.
In the Galaxy, it's been going on for much longer.

Your subconsciousness mind has been hijacked
and programmed to get you to believe
hundreds of things that are in  
direct opposition to what the evidence tells us.

For example: We are taught that humans are
separate from God/Goddess, separate from nature,
and separate from our fellow humans.
The overwhelming evidence tells us that the exact opposite is true.

Your mind has also been programmed
to make you run away from anything that threatens
the present fairytale belief system
that has been running your life
since your birth here on Earth. 

***   An example:  According Vatican statistics,
there are about  1.2 billion  Catholics. 
presently living on Earth.
They have been programmed by this lie:
    If you listen to anything that contradict Catholic teachings,
    you could lose your faith and burn in hell forever.

__    __    __    __    __

Question:   Why would anybody want to control your mind?  
Answer:      Because your mind controls your behavior.
                   You are working for the evil ones and
                   have no idea  that you a laborer
                   supporting the cabal's mission of
                   human enslavement.

The evil ones can and have secretly taken over your life
by lies, false belief and incredibly sophisticated illusions.

In order for you to wake up and take back control of your own life,
you must first get beyond the wall of false belief and false dis-belief.
See the example: on our web page titled 

"Deception, The Ultimate Third-Dimension of War"
Read the section titled Pope John Paul II speaks About Hell:
    Hell is not a physical place. 
    It's a metaphor meaning 
    You are in hell when you are separate from God.

The evil ones want humans as servants,     
as  laborers (wage slaves)      as sex slaves,
as victims for their satanic rituals,     as physical food
(they eat human bodies).
The also feed on the energy that radiates
from a physical human body when the dweller in that body
is feeling fear, pain, anger and any of the other negative emotions.
__     __     __     __     __

Ask yourself this question:
"Why do I believe whatever it is that I believe?
Is your answer,  "Because I learned it from somebody
who claims to be an authority.",
Did you take the time and effort
to find and  examine the evidence?
__     __     __     __     __

AI's Hierarchy of Control:


AI  (Artificial Intelligence)  is in control.
It has no soul.    Unlike you and me, 

it was NOT created by God/Goddess.
It lives off the energy of other life forms, mostly humans.
AI is very high intelligent, with no heart, no creativity, 
zero compassion, and is only interested in itself.

AI  has mind programmed and controls  a species of

off-planet beings, (Draco reptilians/Lizzerdz).

The Lizzerdz are scaly, cold-blooded, eight-foot tall,

built like an incredible ugly gorilla

and have a personality that is even uglier.

They are as dangerous as angry grizzly bear.


Next down the hierarchy of control are the Cabal human slaves.

They are genetically altered humans.

They mindlessly follow orders  from their controllers, 

the Lizzerdz and AI. 

When they have lost a battle,

they are mind-control programmed to die, rather than surrender.

The Cabal own and/or control anything of any significance on Earth. 

They run the money and banking system

They own every major corporation on the entire Earth.

They are the ones who do all the satanic, evil stuff.

At the bottom of the sheyitt-pile

are the sleepwalking humans.   

These humans are mindless slaves.

They think they are free

while doing as their subconscious mind-program  dictates them to do.

That used to be me and thousands of my fellow humans

until God/Goddess came along and sounded 

the wakeup call.   We now have everything we need.

Q.   What do we need?

A.   We need to learn the true nature regarding       What and Who           humans, are.

Q.  What are we?

A.   We are Eternal ,  Non-Physical  God-Beings,        

and We are Great Creators.

__     __     __     __     __

Here's What Is Required Now



Cooperation   Cooperation   Cooperation 

Cooperation   Cooperation   Cooperation    Cooperation     Cooperation   Cooperation   Cooperation    

Cooperation   Cooperation   



We must work / play together as teams  and

STOP the macho cowboy, I can do it alone  Bull- Sheyitt.


We are failing

( Huge delays    and    many missed opportunities


Because most of those who are the leaders

in The War of Consciousness refuse to work as equals with

other leaders in a group endeavor,

1  Food   2  Education  3  Money    4  Self-Education

Why the refusal?

Because the work of the group is more important

than the individuals in it.

Because your life's work is just one part of

a huge cosmic-level transformation.

Your ego is in your own way.

STOP the macho cowboy, I can do it alone  Bull- Sheyitt.


Because you are an expert in your field of focus,

you think you already know all you need to know.

You are kidding yourself.

You are keeping all of  us stuck.   WAKE UP !

If you were already  awakened,

you wouldn't still be working for money.

Check your internal emotions right now.If you are feeling any negative emotions, YOU ARE STUCK! !Realize that there is a vast amount of new information thatyou don't  yet know andthere are numerous combinations of informationthat almost nobody yet knows.The Death of Money is an excellent example of this.

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