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Lunatic Fringe


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Welcome to
Adventures Into Fifth Dimension Consciousness

In an insane society
    a sane person
         is considered to be crazy.

Almost every major change on the planet 
has come out of the lunatic fringe.

Most major changes come by way of
a person who was, at one point
in his or her creative process, 
considered by most of his / her fellow humans
as an eccentric, a fool, a lunatic, or a trouble-maker.  

Look at the extreme opposite of
what is labeled conservative.  
If you look closely into what is commonly called
The Lunatic Fringe,”
you'll find the future of humanity!

As Historical Examples: 
Einstein was thrown out of grade school
    as hopelessly un-teachable.  
Louis Pasteur was drummed out of his medical college
    for proposing that life forms
    too small for the human eye to see
    were the cause of disease.  
Galileo was imprisoned for life
    for publicly proclaiming
    that the Earth was round.  
*   And then there’s the
    most famous rebel of all time,
Jesus of Nazareth.

Each of these people made major contributions
to the future of humanity, yet, when they
expressed their mastery into the world,
they were looked at as
troublemakers, as lunatics, or as fools.

The future of humanity is still “out there
in that lunatic fringe.  
If you look among the malcontents, the eccentrics,
the lunatics and the quasi-criminals,
you’ll also find the visionaries,
the dreamers, and the possibility thinkers.   
You’ll find the modern-day equivalents of
Galileo, Louis Pasteur, Robert Fulton,
Joseph Smith, Gandhi, Nicola Tesla,
or possibly even another
world-renowned, spiritual leader.

Right now, today, numerous individuals of this caliber
are diligently working on fantastic new ideas
while being ignored, condemned, ridiculed,
suppressed, or interfered with by our fellow humans.  
Those who survive the assault of the status quo
will each change the face of this planet forever.

Major changes have always come about this way,
from people who live outside the mainstream of society,
from people who think differently, act differently,
and hold beliefs that are at odds with
what is considered normal,
correct, or socially acceptable.  
It has always been that way.  
It’s that way now, and there is
no evidence it’s about to change.

If all you can think of is the way things are,
or the way they used to be,
that’s what your future will be.

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