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Story Time


The  Death  of  Money  .org

If this is your first reading
of this page, ignore the links
 Here's why:

Welcome to
Adventures Into Fifth Dimension Consciousness

is a Website-Building-Program
specifically designed for
writing and publishing
stories, poems, essays, articles, and the likes. 

Millions of us have a story to tell and
no simple way  to tell it .
Present website building apps
are highly structured
and designed to sell stuff and make money
They are owned and controlled by
the the service-to-self people.
If you use their  services  they own your website.

The Story-Time,  Website Building Program
is  creating an alternative to that.

***   Story-Time  is a new, simple,
writing and publishing
website building program
designed specifically for authors, writers
and for anybody else
who has a story to tell

It leaves out all the unnecessary complexity
It leaves out technical language
It leaves out selling and service to self.

Story Time Website builder is open source.
It's Designed and created by and for We-The-People.
Your website is your property.   You own  it and control it.
It's available free forever to anybody who chooses to use it.

A version is being created
for both  mac and for PC
Our new website-building program
is about story telling  and
It's  NOT about selling stuff


God/Goddess has
raised the vibrational rate of planet Earth
from third dimension -- service to self
to Fifth-Dimension.--  Service to All
If you intend to stay on
the new,  high-vibration Earth
you must learn the rules of

All who choose to participate in  creating
the new Story-Time Apps are offered
FREE, personal coaching services
in learning:
*   Fifth-Dimension-Consciousness
*   The Physics of Consciousness  
*   The Rules of Reality.
*   And anything else relating to
     Adventures into Fifth Dimension Consciousness


-----     -----     -----     -----     -----

The-Leaders of We-The-People's  Advisory Council  

are creating a team of about 777 of

the best and the brightest of Earth Humans

to lead the rest of humanity

in taking back control of planet Earth.

Join us as a Leader or as a Player.

Pick a topic of interest to you and start connecting with others of like-mind in your local area or online.

Be of Service.
Receive Huge $ Rewards
Phenomenal Perks.


Join the TLC-Life-Center's Chapter of
God/Goddess's  Earth-Recovery-Team.

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