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Reality, Faith, and Belief


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Welcome to
Adventures Into
Fifth Dimension Consciousness

Setting the context for
     your understanding of
          Reality, faith, and belief

Her's the Universal Truth Regarding Reality:
Reality has two sides, 
One physical     and     One non-physical.

Non-physical consciousness is  NOT  Magic.
There's  NO  Woo-Woo.    

It's not a childhood fairytale.
It's  NOT  Crazy.  
It Is Pure Physics,
much of which most humans
do not yet understand.

Non-physical consciousness
follows an exacting set of rules.  
Everything we know, everything we are.
Everything we experience here on Earth
is based on    and    is a function of   
non-physical consciousness.

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Here is Jesus
     giving us an example of
          the non-physical in action:

What did Jesus mean when
He spoke to us about FAITH?

Mathew 17:20     (New International Version)
He  [Jesus]  replied, “Because you have so little faith.
Truly I tell you,
if you have faith as small as a mustard seed,
you can say to this mountain, 
'Move from here to there,’ and it will move.

Nothing will be impossible for you.”

Faith is part of the non-physical portion of reality.
The non-physical has no size.
Faith is pure consciousness.
Faith is one's belief.
According to your belief, so be it onto you.

*   We live in a non-physical, holographic reality.
*   The non-physical controls, creates, and manages the physical.
*   To change the physical, one changes one's own consciousness.
*   You DO NOT get out your shovel and start moving the rocks and soil.
*   You change your CONSCIOUSNESS and your physical experience
    changes to match your belief / your faith.


Thinking and Feeling Person's Universe

Here's how the evil ones have enslaved you:
They put Sheyitt Consciousness Beliefs 

into your subconscious mind,
Right now, at this very moment
and at every moment of your life,
you are a slave to the false beliefs

hidden inside of your own subconscious minds.
Ask yourself,

Why do I believe whatever it is that I believe?

The Bottom Line:
What you believe is what you experience
as your personal reality.
Change your beliefs and
your life will change
to match your new beliefs.


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Conscious Christianity

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