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Message to Tony Robbins


RE:   How to Feed 350 Million Americans for a Lifetime
Robert Cote'
TO:  Tony Robbins

Dear Mr. Robbins,
As masterful as you already are, you are still working
at only a small portion of your full potential.

May we show you how to take your already masterful work
to an even higher and much grander level of service?

You and Dean and a few more talented and inspired
fellow humans, working together, have the capacity to:
*   Feed millions of people three healthy meals a day for a lifetime,
*   Provide well-paying jobs for millions of people,
*   Replace the poison-filled foods we are presently eating,
*   Provide a social network for people to connect with each other. 

May I introduce you to the new Fifth Dimension 
Organic, Community-Owned Gardens Systems
by,  of,  and   for   We-The-People.

Together, we can generate so much wealth,
that Cabal-created artificial 
scarcity will disappear completely.
With the end of scarcity, the need for money disappears.

MONEY  --  The Final Solution


May I introduce you to Dr. Robert Lustig,

UCSF School of Medicine
Institute for Responsible Nutrition
Film    Fat Chance Fructose 2.0     
         University of Calif. Television
Book: Fat Chance

Dr. Lustig tells us why creating
Organic-Community-Owned Gardens System
is so essential.


We have invited Jenna Kutcher to be our leading spokesperson
for our Organic Community-Owned Gardens System.


Here is another reason for creating the OC-OG System:
When we examine the trends given to us by
those secretly in control of our social structures,
we find that everything is moving toward
a single, automated (computer-controlled)
central-control system in which
AI is the ultimate, behind-the-scenes controller.


Here is what they are creating:

They are combining
Information, Energy, and Transportation
into a single AI-controlled computer system.

It is being designed to eliminate the needs for humans.

The evil ones are constantly increasing our dependence
upon their system for our survival.
Their plan is to increase our dependence
upon their system until they can say
"Obey our orders or we'll starve you out of existence".

To avoid this, We-The-People MUST create
our own independent, free
Social Structure and food production System.
If we fail to do so, we will find

most of the human population murdered

and the remaining, will live as slaves
inside of a totalitarian dictatorship
with humans as slaves in an AI-controlled world.

Thank you,
Blessings Be Llove.      (love)

Robert Cote'  aka   Aum FahZoom


The Power of Collective Human Consciousness


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Message To Tony Robbins

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