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Welcome to
Adventures Into Fifth Dimension Consciousness

Mr. President,
You desperately need a team of advisors
who are NOT stuck in
third dimension consciousness
and whose minds are NOT filled with
self-interest and 
Sheyitt Consciousness.

We say that because you cannot defeat an enemy 
while unconsciously violating three of the most basic, Rules of Reality:
The Universal Law of Attraction
       Vibrations attract like vibration.
       Ask any piano player to give you a demonstration of this.
*2   The Universal Law of Returns. 
       What you put out is what you get back.
The First Universal Law of Llove is an example of this.
*3   The Universal Law of Thought.
       We live in a
Thinking Persons Universe.

When you focus on what you do not want and when you fight it
you create a universal vibration of conflict, fighting, and wars.
The Universal Law of Thought
gives you (and all of us)
more fighting, more destruction, and more wars.

Don't believe me.     Don't disbelieve me either.
Examine my Believability.
***2   Listen to Abraham-Hicks explaining this
core missing pieces of your consciousness.

"Obliterating Problems Is My Job." - Military Man - Bing video
Beginning at minute 5:40 hear Abraham explains why
focusing on and fighting the unwanted
only amplify the unwanted and
make them active in your vibration.
Focusing and fighting the unwanted
makes the unwanted stronger.

There's much more you'd be wise to learn.
With this new (new to you) information,
you now have a choice. 
Take time to learn or stay stupid.
If you choose to stay stupid,
billions of our fellow humans will die
before Source/Creator/God-Goddess
steps in and cleans up this mess.

When you were a young child,
the evil ones filled your mind with
Your subconscious mind is still
filled with Sheyitt-Consciousness.
The false beliefs that they plugged into your mind
still control much of your present life and
you don't even know that
you are a slave to your own beliefs.
If you don't believe this, then why are you
intentionally ignoring the three universal law
referred to above?

We suggest you bring me and
my fellow
Warriors of Consciousness
on board as your Fifth Dimension Consciousness Advisors.
Please read our analysis of your third dimension war.
President Trump     Third-Dimension-Genius      Fifth-Dimension Idiot

Based on what we see and hear   and  

what we don't see and hear,
Mr. President, you are missing the consciousness required
Win  a  War  of  Consciousness
and in case you and your team don' yet realize that
*   Consciousness controls everything,
*   Consciousness eliminates the need for violence,

Mr. President, 
*   We are in a war for the control of human consciousness.
The Cabal CANNOT be beaten using politics
     or by strictly following the constitution.
*   Why? 

     Because politics is focusing on and fighting what's wrong.
*   The answer is educating the public regarding
What is the True Nature of Earth-Humans.

Thank you.    We await your reply.
Blessings Be Llove.     (love)

Robert Cote'   

Because you are an expert in your field of focus,
I know that if you think you already know
all you need to know you are kidding yourself. 
Because there is a vast amount of
new information that you probably don't yet know
and there are numerous combinations
of information that almost nobody yet knows.

The Death of Money is an excellent example of this.


Reference: The Real Purpose of Money
The real purpose of money is to control and enslave humanity.


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Message to President Trump

Mr. President, it's time to wake up.

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