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Warriors of Consciousness


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Welcome to
Adventures Into Fifth Dimension Consciousness

May I introduce you to


Warriors of Consciousness.

The students of the Physics of Consciousness, 

The students of Universal Spirituality, and

The students of the Teachings of Jesus 

have joined forces.   

We are The Warriors of Consciousness. 

We are the physically incarnated leaders of


Earth Recovery Teams.

We are on board spaceship Earth
as Source/Creator/God-Goddess

takes humanity into a new dimension

and into a new age, 

from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius,

from third dimension  sheyitt-consciousness to

Fifth Dimension, the consciousness of  Llove, Joy and Peace.

When we function in Fifth Dimension Consciousness 

we are in a completely different Context.

Our level of consciousness is completely different.

We see the world in a completely new light.

Consciousness is King.

You didn't know that  Consciousness is King?

Well, now you do.

Here's the Universal Truth Regarding Reality:
Reality has two sides,     
one physical     
one non-physical.

Nikola Tesla quote:
"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena,
it will make more progress in one decade
than in all the previous centuries of its existence."

Reality Has Two Sides.

The women and men listed below are Warriors of Consciousness.

Consciously they are leading us into Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

Physically, they are leading us into the new Service To All Social Structure.


Because the Cabal criminals are still in control

of our entire communication system,

we have no way of knowing if our messages

ever reach their intended destination.

Therefore, we request your assistance.

Some of you can access people that we can't,

please take our messages to the people listed below.

The Warriors of Consciousness:

Almost all of us came to Earth as Warriors of Consciousness.

We are here to take back control of Earth.

Those listed below are being contacted because they have

*   a combination of the required talent, knowledge, and experience.
*   Their conditions and circumstances are right.
*   They have the specific skills to accomplish
     what we have asked them to do.

*   They are inclined to be of great service, and

*   they are in an area that definitely needs attention.

This places them in leading roles on the Earth Recovery Team.

The links below take you to our messages to these people.

     -----     -----     -----


President Trump

     You desperately need a team of advisors

     who are NOT stuck in third dimension consciousness.

Open Letter To Tai Lopez

     We have asked Tai to demonstrate
     how to use some of his excess money before it comes useless.

Tony Robbins

     How to feed 350 million Americans healthy foods

     three meals a day for a lifetime.

     -----     -----     -----


Dr. Robert Lustig     Nutrition Expert      

     Dr. Lustig plus Dr. Steven Gundry are  

     major advisors to We-The-People's 

     Organic Garden System.

The U.S. Military

     You desperately need a team of advisors
     who are NOT stuck in third dimension consciousness.

Foster Gamble and Alex Mehr

     With the combined effort of Foster and Alex
     obsolete, third-dimension, electric technology 
     is about to be replaced by Fifth-Dimension
     Fee Energy Technology.

     -----     -----     -----


Simon Parkes

     I suggest that you bring me in as an advisor to you and your work.

Charlie Ward

     Take a million or so of your   
     soon-to-be-worthless    excess money
     and be the first person to demonstrate the grand opportunity
     for all of humanity.

Vishen Lakhiani

     Vishen is about to give us
     a significant demonstration of cooperation.

Jenna Kutcher

     We are inviting Jenna to be the spokesperson for
     We-The-People's    Organic Community Garden System.

UFO Disclosure in The Enlightened Way
This is a Team of Seven Members


     -----     -----     -----


We expect each of them to contact us as soon as they realize the 

contribution they can make to the well-being of humanity

by working with our team.

Thank you, 

We-The-People's 777-Member Advisory Board

Be of Service.
Receive Huge $ Rewards
Phenomenal Perks.


Join the TLC-Life-Center's Chapter of
God/Goddess's  Earth-Recovery-Team.

Contact Us

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